Road Tripping



Derek Delmar

Hello, it's great to meet you.

I am Derek: South African-turned-Canadian, doting husband to Christa, un-engineer, road-tripper, people-keener, gardening-goof, and some other stuff in between.  I am Calgary!

Having exchanged my beloved South Africa to capture my beloved Canadian childhood friend who became my Bride in 2011, we settled in Calgary in 2012 after living and touring in South Africa for 10 months. Following a short-lived career in the volatile oil and gas industry, I found myself unemployed in 2016.

Redirecting my efforts to focus on the diversity and beauty that our city, province, country, and many of our travel destinations have exposed us to, I ventured to showcase life through our eyes, to entice the world – while reminding locals! – to encounter the beauty of our captivating corner of Canada.


What possessed me to do this?

As Airbnb hosts and world travellers we have been repeatedly surprised by how little effort many of our guests, who arrive in Calgary and stay in our home, have put into discovering what our city has to offer. Seeing Calgary only as an international airport hub en route to or from their nearby Rocky Mountain adventures we have, on numerous occasions, surprised our guests by just how much there is to explore and enjoy in and around our city. We’ve become strong advocates for local tourism, embarking on a series of blogs that you can enjoy reading – and commenting on – that highlight our recommendations of must-see things to do if you have 2-hours, 12-hours or 7 days to maximize your stay in captivating Calgary in every season.


What entertains me?

When blogging doesn’t dominate my day you’ll find me gardening, housekeeping, shopping, preparing meals, doing laundry or connecting with friends. On some rare occasions you might find me – camera in-hand – exploring, walking, cycling, kayaking … or just rowing in our basement. The highlight of any day is hanging out with my best friend, favourite Grade 3 Teacher and one-day-big-hit-children’s-book-author, Christa. Together we love hanging out, hosting, playing games or watching our favourite TV series “Heartland” on Netflix. I would love for you to follow, engage and even consider collaborating with us as we feature people, places and pearls in, around and beyond Calgary.